Simple Reassurance Scan

Gender and Reassurance scan – (15 minute appointment) £75 Single, £95 Multiple pregnancy

Ultrasound scans can be used at any time of pregnancy to reassure parents that their baby’s development is following the correct patterns. The Simple Reassurance Scan is performed after 16 weeks (up to 40 weeks) and can reassure you that baby is growing well and that your pregnancy is progressing normally. This examination is only suitable if you have already had a scan which has shown a viable pregnancy – you will need to bring the report of the previous scan with you to your appointment. This scan is not suitable if you are experiencing any bleeding.

Baby sexing scans are best performed after 18 weeks because they are more accurate. It is sometimes possible to determine the gender earlier but we advise a later scan as it is easier to see the gender when baby is a little bigger.

The sonographer will perform a brief anatomy scan to check that your pregnancy appears normal but it is important to note that not all abnormalities can be seen on every scan so even if an abnormality has been found earlier in pregnancy it may not be visible and we cannot guarantee to see it.

The reassurance and sexing scan option does not replace a full anatomy scan and if you wish to have a full detailed anatomy scan you should arrange this through the NHS or book a private ‘Detailed Anatomy scan’ with us.

What we can see and the report we give you will depend on how many weeks pregnant you are but there are things we will always check:

•   That your baby is growing and is the correct size for the number of weeks you are
•   That we can see your baby’s heart beating
•   That there are no gross abnormalities

Note. Being able to determine the sex of your baby will depend on the position of your baby and in some circumstances it may not be possible.

Ultrasound Pregnancy Scans

Early reassurance / viability scan 7+ – 10 weeks
NT / Dating Scan 11+2 – 14 weeks
NIPT Non Invasive Pre-Natal Testing from 10 weeks
Gender Scan 16+ weeks
Detailed anatomy scan 18+0 – 20+6 weeks
Fetal Wellbeing Scan 23-40 weeks
3D and 4D Scans 25-32 weeks

If you have any questions, or to book a private ultrasound scan appointment call 0161 929 5679            (option 1) or email