viability scan

Early Reassurance Scan – or ‘Viability’ Scan – 7-10 weeks gestation (20 minute appointment) £95 single, £110 multiple pregnancy.

Possibly the most exciting scan you will have!

Early in pregnancy there are few visible signs that you are pregnant and of course your baby is very small and in the first stages of development. Scans at this stage in pregnancy are a useful test for women experiencing bleeding or pain. Women who have previously had a miscarriage may also find an early scan reassuring.

What do we look for?

What we can see depends on how many weeks pregnant you actually are. If you have an irregular cycle, or are unsure of the date of your last period, it may be that the scan shows you are further on or even not as far into your pregnancy as you thought.

• The scan will confirm if you are pregnant and how many weeks you are
• It will also help confirm that the pregnancy is in the womb (intrauterine)
• By six to seven weeks it is usually possible to detect the baby´s heart moving as it beats

As well as scanning your pregnancy, your pelvis will be scanned so that we can assess your whole uterus and ovaries (where possible) and you will be given a Pregnancy Progress report and some images to take away. A clear explanation of the procedure and what has been found during the scan will be given to you by your sonographer.

Trans-vaginal (internal) Ultrasound Scans

We will usually be able to perform the scan through your abdomen (tummy) but sometimes it is necessary to perform an internal (trans-vaginal) scan to enable us to see your womb and ovaries more clearly. An internal scan involves an ultrasound probe being placed a short way into the vagina. This will feel similar to inserting a tampon. An internal scan will only be performed with your consent and the sonographer will fully explain the procedure. An internal scan does not cause miscarriage.

Ultrasound Pregnancy Scans

NT Dating scan 11+2 – 14 weeks

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