upper abdomen scan

Upper Abdomen scan (male and female) £170

An Upper Abdominal scan is often performed if you have:
•   Abdominal pain
•   Sickness or nausea
•   Indigestion
•   Pain in the abdomen which goes through to the back or shoulder blades
•   Abnormal blood results e.g. of the liver or kidneys

The major organs which are looked at during an Upper Abdominal scan are:
•   Liver
•   Gallbladder and biliary system
•   Pancreas
•   Spleen
•   Kidneys
•   Abdominal Aorta

What kind of upper abdominal problems can Ultrasound detect?
There are many kinds of disease that affect the upper abdominal organs – below are some of the most common conditions picked up during an Ultrasound scan
•   Gallstones
•   Fatty liver
•   Kidney stones
•   Cysts (liver and kidney most common)
•   Abdominal aortic aneurysm
•   Tumours – both cancerous and non-cancerous

•   Preparation for this scan will normally require 6 hours fasting prior to your appointment but all medication can be taken as normal. If you are diabetic we are able to provide additional advice if fasting is a concern.
•   The sonographer will frequently be able to discuss the results with you on the day. However we will quite often ask for the opinion of a Consultant Radiologist before issuing the final report which will include recommendations for follow up tests if required. The report will be sent to your GP or Consultant and a copy will also be sent to you.
•  Images can be requested via IEP (Image Exchange Portal) if you are referred to a hospital Consultant.

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