Renal Tract

Renal Tract scan – (Kidneys and Bladder)  £170.00

All appointments can be arranged without a referral from your doctor. A referral or letter from your doctor or Consultant is advisable so that they know you are attending for a scan and, in the event that we find a problem, we can send them a copy of your report to ensure you receive the appropriate after care.
The renal tract or urinary system includes the kidneys, ureters and bladder and in men, the prostate gland which sits at the base of the bladder.
What symptoms might you have where a renal tract scan can help with a diagnosis?

• Blood in the urine – you may see this or minute amounts can be detected by a urine test
• Urgency or frequency of passing urine
• Pain on passing urine
• Severe back pain in the region of the kidneys (either side of the spine in the lower back region)
• Men may have symptoms such as poor stream, dribbling and nocturia (passing water frequently through the night). This is often caused by enlargement of the prostate gland which although is frequently a non-serious condition (BPH – Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy), can also be a sign of something more serious such as prostate cancer

What kind of renal tract problems can be detected during an ultrasound scan?

•   Kidney stones
•   Evidence of infection – including scarring from previous problems
•   How well the bladder empties
•   Cysts
•   Tumours (cancerous and non-cancerous)
•   Poor drainage of the kidneys

Preparation for this scan requires a full bladder and you will be asked to drink 1 – 2 pints of water an hour prior to your appointment. All medications to be taken as normal.
• The sonographer will frequently be able to discuss the results with you on the day however we will quite often ask for the opinion of a Consultant Radiologist before issuing the final report within 48 hours which will include recommendations for follow up tests if required. The report will be sent to your GP or Consultant and a copy will also be sent to you.
• Images can be made requested via IEP (Image Exchange Portal) if you are referred to a hospital Consultant.

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