Detailed Anatomy scan


Detailed Anatomy Scan - 18 - 20 +6 weeks (20-30 minute appointment) £150 Single, £200 Multiple pregnancy

In April 2010 (revised in August 2015), the National Screening Committee changed the criteria for what should be looked for during your NHS anatomy scan and recommended that the Detailed Anatomy Scan should be undertaken between 18 and 21 weeks (to enable decisions to be made about the pregnancy should any problems be detected). Here at Ultrasound Now we perform our scans to the same strict criteria as the NHS and we look for the same 11 identifiable conditions. What can be demonstrated will depend on when we scan your baby and it is important to remember that not all abnormalities are evident at all stages of pregnancy. However, when we perform the scan we will undertake an assessment of your baby’s:
• Head, brain and face
• Chest and abdomen including the heart, diaphragm, stomach, kidneys and bladder
• Spine
• Cord insertion
• All four limbs and the position of the hands and feet
• Placental site and fluid around your baby

We can also try and determine whether you are having a boy or a girl at this stage – just let us know if you want us to keep it secret or if you are desperate to know!
Not all abnormalities will be detected by ultrasound and the following table is a guide to the accuracy of ultrasound in the detection of some abnormalities. The 20 week ‘anatomy’ scan will pick up many abnormalities but not all of them will be seen and in certain cases abnormalities can be very difficult to see on ultrasound.
In some cases we may not be able to see all of the parts of your baby’s anatomy to enable us to complete the scan. If this happens, we will follow the NHS National Screening Committee (NSC) Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme (FASP) guidelines and provide a further scan to try and complete the scan (at no extra cost).

ProblemChance of being seen
Spina bifida   90%
Gastroschisis 98%
Anencephaly 98%
Exomphalus 80%
Cleft lip 75%
Bilateral renal agenesis 84%
Lethal skeletal dysplasia 60%
Edwards and Patau’s Syndrome 95%
Major congenital heart problems 50%
Diaphragmatic hernia 60%

*Data taken from FASP programme Handbook August 2015

Ultrasound Pregnancy Scans

Early reassurance / viability scan 7+ - 10 weeks
NT / Dating Scan 11+2 - 14 weeks
NIPT Non Invasive Pre-Natal Testing from 10 weeks
Gender Scan 16+ weeks
Detailed anatomy scan 18+0 - 20+6 weeks
Fetal Wellbeing Scan 23-40 weeks
3D and 4D Scans 25-32 weeks

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