medical ultrasound

Is Ultrasound safe?

There is no evidence that Ultrasound is harmful if performed by a qualified practitioner using correctly maintained and calibrated machines and ultrasound does not use radiation like x-rays. We operate within strict clinical guidelines to ensure your safety.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

No, this is not usually needed but if you have already seen your doctor and you wish to make an appointment because of discussions with them we would recommend that a referral is requested simply because it may give clinical information to help us with your examination.

Why pay for a private scan?

There are a number of good reasons but the main ones will be that you may be seen more quickly than waiting for an NHS appointment, you may be able to choose a time and location that is more convenient for you and we may offer examinations that are not available through your local NHS hospital.

Who does the scan?

All examinations are performed by qualified and experienced sonographers all of whom are regularly audited and assessed for clinical competence and consistency.

How will I get the results?

Your sonographer will discuss the results with you at the end of your appointment and you will be sent the report within 24 hours which will include any recommendations for further treatment. Unlike other providers, we usually ask a Consultant Radiologist to audit all private scans before the report is sent to you hence the small delay; however we can give you a report on the day if you wish and can also send one to your GP if needed.

What happens if there is something wrong?

In this case we will insist on sending a report to your GP as well as giving one to you.

What can ultrasound see?

Ultrasound is a very effective tool for looking at all the major organs and structures within the body however it is not the best tool for looking at gas filled structures like bowel or lungs and cannot view through bone so would not be used to assess the brain.

Will my details be treated confidentially?

Yes. We comply with all current legislation surrounding the security and confidentiality of patient data so your details will only be seen by authorised personnel.

I am a bit overweight, will this affect the scan?

Ultrasound images can be affected by patient size and in a small number of cases it may prove difficult to complete a full assessment. If this is the case we will recommend other more suitable forms of imaging. In addition, most medical couches that you will be required to lie on have a weight limit of approximately 30st or 200kg

Can I bring a friend with me?

Of course. We understand how worrying any medical examination or appointment can be.

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